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Wood Vents
Flush with Frame grilles provide two way diffusion and are the preferred style for sand and finish hardwood floors where an architecturally smooth look is desired. Each frame is grooved on the outside to accommodate most 3/4" tongue and groove flooring. All grilles are 3/4" thick, with a 1 3/8" wide frame which adds 2 1/4" to the overall dimension of the grille. Custom thicknesses are available upon request (20% upcharge).
Self Rim grilles provide two way diffusion and are the preferred style for most flooring surfaces. The grille simply "drops" in to a hole cut in the finish flooring. This versatile style can be used with new or existing hardwood floors, laminate, carpet, tile, or vinyl, with the rim of the grille neatly concealing the cut edge of the finish flooring. Each grille is 3/4" thick with a bull nosed rim that is 1" wide by 3/8" thick.
Baseboard diffusers provide one or two way diffusion and are designed for use in homes where duct openings are located at the edge of the floor or at the base of the wall. These grilles are designed to cover these otherwise difficult duct openings and can be ordered with either a flush top or square top depending on your architectural needs. To order a baseboard measure the distance from the front edge of the duct opening to the wall, the distance up the wall of the duct opening, and the length of the duct opening. The baseboard needs to have 3/4" clearance around all sides of the duct openings. Dampers available on square-top baseboards in standard sizes (15", 18", 24") only
Wall Mount Diffusers are designed to direct airflow in one direction only. They may be used in either a supply or return air application and can be installed in floors, ceilings, or walls. Wall mount diffusers are available in four different styles, flush with frame, self rim, flush mount, or flush rim, (please refer to individual product pages for more details and ordering information for each of these styles). Wall mounts may also be used as speaker grilles, lighting grilles or for other decorative architectural applications.
ClassicAire again leads the industry by providing an innovative patented snap-on damper. Each damper is fully adjustable and can be easily attached to any standard size grille. Specific custom sizes are available upon request
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